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Wilderness Beers

Take our wilderness beer challenge to earn a patch.

Gordon | 17 Oct 2018

In our Autumn printed journal, we teamed up with some adventurous types and similarly minded fans of the great outdoors to publish our guide to enjoying a beer in the wild.

As usual, our Gem’s design really brought the article to life and got us thinking. Why don’t we get some patch-type badges made? The sort of badge that you might find in the Boy Scouts. If the Boy Scouts had badges for drinking beer that is.

With Autumn in full swing and winter approaching, we think that we could all do with a nudge to spend a bit more time outdoors. So we’ve hit upon an Instagram challenge for you to earn your ‘wilderness beers’ badge.

To earn yours all you have to do is follow us on Instagram then go and enjoy a beer outdoors. Capture the moment and post a picture on Instagram and make sure to tag us on it. We’ll then contact you and send you your badge. Easy peasy.

There are just a few simple rules we’d like you to follow in order to enjoy your beer responsibly.


No glass.

Ever since Oskar Blues had the genius notion to can their flagship beer Dale’s Pale Ale there has been no shortage of great beer available in cans. They are lighter, don’t shatter if you drop them and are easier to pack out.


Head outside.

It doesn’t have to be far but your beer will taste better if you’ve earned it. Walk, run, pedal or paddle and find a nice spot to enjoy your beer. If you are stumped for a place to go to enjoy your beer then check out Al Humprey’s guide to finding a location for a microadventure.


Leave no trace.

Even better, leave the outdoors in a better state than you found it by packing out other peoples’ trash. Find out more about the leave no trace principles here.

Yup, it really is that easy. Happy trails.

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