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You asked for it

Gordon | 02 Apr 2015

When I opened up my email inbox to your suggestions on what BeerBods should do next earlier this year I really wasn’t sure what I’d get back. I mean we’re already pretty contactable on the Twittersphere (and now also on Instagram) so why would you take time out to email me?

It turned out you’d already put some thought into this and had a fair bit to suggest. From stuff we already had planned and in motion to things we’d previously rejected and are now reconsidering. We even got the odd crazy idea (I must confess that I loved those the most).

Here’s a quick rundown and response to some of the suggestions.

The most frequent request was for more beer. Apparently one beer a week isn’t enough. We’re on this with monthly collections and some weekly mixed cases from the featured brewery (when we can get them). There were some specific requests and a call for more foreign beers. We hear you and I am on it.

Next most asked for thing was BeerBods events. A number of you asked to meet us in person. Preferably with a beer. We think this is a great idea. Our first BeerBods Live event was in Birmingham (you can read about it here). Our next event will be in Leeds on the 29th April. There will be more and we aren’t stopping at meeting in breweries, pubs or beer festivals. We’ll be at the Good Life Experience later this year and we’ve a few more ideas up our sleeves.

You have big plans for us. Our own beer or brewery, a festival and even a BeerBods bar came up. A few times. We love it that you think we’re up to these kind of projects and we’ve got our thinking caps on.

Improvements to the website came up in various guises. We particularly liked the ones asking for a way of rating the beer. So we added that first and we’re working on most of the other suggestions for our site.

Extra stuff in your boxes, more information about the beers, more things to buy in our shop. We’re on it. We’ve already added more information about each week’s beer and we’re making plans for some additional and exciting content for your subscription boxes.

More video (inc. more Harold) came up. Seems you like BeerBods TV. We’ll make more soon, we promise. Some of it will be a bit more professional. But only some of it.

You asked for ‘techy’ stuff from apps to live streaming events and other fancy pants interwebs. We aren’t exactly experts here so those of you that suggested this can expect a call.

You asked for a few other things that form part of our Top Secret projects. You’ll have to stay tuned for more information about these. But thanks, it means we are on the right track.

What struck me most in all your emails was the love for BeerBods and your support. It was a pretty humbling experience reading all of your suggestions. Thank you.


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