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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery & Returns

Which courier do you use?

Parcelforce. No courier is perfect but we have a good working relationship with them. If you have any delivery problems give us a shout and we’ll do our best to fix it.

What happens if my beers are damaged?

Our packaging is pretty bomb proof. But if it is damaged in transit, we'll send you a replacement... free of charge of course.

Do I need to be in to sign for delivery?

Ideally, yes as we don’t want your beers going missing. But you can also leave instructions to leave with a neighbour.

Many of our subscribers' get their beer delivered to work, hide them under their desk and take one beer home a week. We hear that stops any temptation to drink them all in one sitting too.

If the worst should happen and there is nobody there to sign for them, Parcelforce will try to deliver again. If there is still nobody to sign for them the second time, they'll be taken to your local post office... NOT a depot on an industrial estate millions of miles away.

If you are experiencing any problems getting your beer delivered give us a shout. We’re pretty good at putting things right.

Do you ship to other countries?

Not at the minute. We’re constantly revisiting this so keep in touch.

How do I return something to you?

Easy. Just email us at and we'll work out what the most convenient way of returning the unwanted or damaged item(s) is.

My Account

What is the benefit of signing up for ‘My Account’?

By having an account with us you’ll be able to see your previous orders, manage your subscription (if you have one), update your details and enjoy quicker checkouts.

We’ve got some other features planned that you won’t want to miss out on too.

I’ve logged in, but I can’t see my subscription details?

When you sign up we try and match your subscription to the email we have on record. If the email that you used to subscribe is different from the one you used to register for ‘My Account’, then you won’t see your subscription details.

Don’t worry, you’ll still get your beer! Just send us an email and we’ll link up your subscription to your account so that you can see it.

I’ve got a subscription, does that mean I’ve got an account?

No. Just because you have a beer subscription with us, that doesn’t mean you’ll have an account on our website. You’ll need to go here for that:

Um, my details don’t seem to be correct?

Ah no, that’s not great, is it? Please update them in your profile and we’ll get a notification to say what’s changed and everything should be good again.

If you’ve got any concerns, just drop us an email and we’ll be on hand to help.

I’ve got some ideas to help make ‘My Account’ even better!

Great. We’re keen for this to evolve and have a few things planned. Let us know what you’re thinking via email and we’ll get back to you.


When can I subscribe?

You can subscribe at any time. We simply send you the next 12 beers.

What happens once I've subscribed?

We take £36 from your bank a few days before sending you 12 beers. After 12 weeks we do the same thing again. You can cancel your subscription at any time (just email us with the word 'unsubscribe' in the subject line) and we won't take the next payment. If you choose to unsubscribe and we have taken payment but not sent the beers (you have a one week window) we'll pay you back the money in full.

We email you to let you know which beer you should be drinking every Thursday afternoon and hold a live tasting online for that beer at 9pm. The email also includes a link to a page on our website telling the story behind the beer.

Your Thursdays will never be the same again.

Do you send me one beer a week?

Not quite. You drink one beer a week (we'll tell you which one every Thursday). We send you 12 beers at a time.

When will I get my beers?

Delivery usually takes 2-3 working days from first subscribing or taking your payment. You can subscribe at any time and we'll simply send you the next 12 beers.

Can I buy more beer?

Yes. If you love that week's beer you can buy 12 more bottles/cans of it. But you'll have to be quick because we only sell it for 7 days after featuring it.

I’ve heard something about Beer13?

Sssh. We can’t talk about it.

I need to update my card linked to the subscription, what do I do?

If when we try and take payment it fails for whatever reason, you’ll get an email asking you to update your details. Once paid, we’ll then get packing and send your beer.

You can also update your card details at any time using the ‘My Account’ section.

I can never remember what beers we’ve had!

Yeah we get that too. Luckily we’ve added a page that includes all the beers we’ve featured in our beer club. Take a look:


How do gift subscriptions work?

You can sign someone up to our amazing beer club for 12, 24 or 48 weeks.

Once you've paid we'll send a little gift certificate out in the post (or by email if you prefer). 

The gift certificate will have a website link and a code for the lucky so and so to redeem their gift online whenever they like. When they've redeemed the gift online, we'll send them some beer in the post. They'll then get emails about the beers and will be able to join in our live online tastings every Thursday at 9pm using #BeerBods.

Gift subscriptions are one-off purchases. Once you've paid, we won't take any more money from yours (or the person you bought it for) bank account.

How do I send the gift certificate directly to the lucky so and so?

Easy peasy. First select the length of Gift Subscription that you want (12, 24 or 48-week).

Then choose "Send certificate to your friend" using the first radio button.Then decide if you want it to be sent in the form of a nice card (Send via post) or by email.

This way we'll send the certificate straight to the lucky so and so. Boom.

How do I get the gift certificate sent to me (without the lucky so and so knowing)?

First, you will need to select which length gift subscription that you want (12, 24 or 48-week).

Make sure to chose "Send certificate to you" using the first radio button. Then select whether you want to have the certificate sent to you in the post or by email.

Make sure to only provide your address details / where you want the gift certificate sent (inc. email). The lucky so and so will provide us with their delivery details for the beer when they redeem the certificate.

This way the certificate will come to you and not the lucky so and so. Easy!

I ordered a gift certificate by email and it hasn't arrived. Help!

The missing email is most likely hiding in a spam or junk mail folder so that's the first thing to check. If it isn't there, get in touch.

Can I leave a message for the lucky so and so?

Yes you can! If you buy a gift subscription you can leave a message for when they redeem the gift. 

We don't see or print it so you can be as 'gushy' as you like.

If you buy a box of beer and want a message on a card inside the box, simply email us when you've bought the box and we'll sort that for you.

If I buy a gift subscription, do I have to cancel future payments?

No. We're not sneaky like that. Gift subscriptions are one-off purchases. Once you've paid, we won't take any more money from your account.

Why can't you send me the beer instead of a gift certificate?

By doing it this way, the person receiving the beers can them sent when and where they like, which is so much easier for everyone.

All of our subscribers drink the same beer (just one) each week.

That means when someone gets their delivery, they need the next 12 beers in their box. If we send the beers to you and you give it to them a week or two later, that won't happen.


I’ve got some beer that I’d like to include in your beer club.

Great. If you are a brewer and have some beers for us, then drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do about getting you featured!

If you have a recommendation about a brewery or beer you would like to see included, then you can do that here:

We’ll give you a free case of beer if we decide to feature it.

I’d be interested in your beer knowledge and support.

We’ll be happy to provide it. We offer support and consultancy for brewers and businesses. Get in touch.

I’m running an event, can you help?

Yes we can. We’d be happy to supply beer and come to talk about them.

How can I manage the emails I get from you?

You can manage, and even unsubscribe completely if that's what you want to do, from all emails here: