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Arbor Product

My Little Sabrony by Arbor Ales

American Pale Ale, 5%

Single Hop American Pale Ale, brewed with large quantities of Sabro hops.

The live tasting of this beer was on 21st October 2021 #BeerBods

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The Story

Bristol was still very much a cider city when Jon Comer quit a job in IT to start Arbor Ales back in 2007.

He brewed on a second-hand kit in the back of his brother’s pub for a year before the pub closed and he was forced to move out. Having found some space to rent in a former factory just up the road, he invested in a brewery twice the size and set to work converting the good people of Brizzle from apples to hops. Over ten years, and a few relocations later, they’re now a team of ten brewing five days a week on a 20 barrel plant.

Arbor grew a reputation for rarely brewing the same beer twice. On ‘Freestyle Fridays’ they rock up at the brewery and create whatever takes their fancy. This experimental approach has led to them creating over 300 different beers to date across cask, keg and bottle. They now have a solid core range of beers whilst still churning out specials at a remarkable rate.



Arbor Lifestyle1

“We’ve always been a creative and experimental brewery, never shying away from trying out new ideas & sidestepping style guidelines. Though we’ve produced several hundred different beers over the years, across a vast range of styles, we’re always open to new ideas and encourage our brewing team to continually think about new recipes. While we’re probably best known for our hop-forward approach, we take pride in creating great beers that appeal to everyone, from the craftiest fiend to the traditional cask ale drinker.”

For tonight’s beer, we have My Little Sabrony, and American Pale Ale brewed using a huge dose of Sabro hops. Bold floral & tropical fruit flavours and aromas are balanced against a distinct bitterness you’d expect from a good American Pale.


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Live Tasting

We'll be tasting this beer, live at 9PM tonight.

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