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BeerBods Plus. Season 7.

BeerBods Plus is our awesome, slightly more premium beer club for those of you that want beers bigger, rarer, fresher and weirder than we can put in our normal subscription box.

Now entering its seventh season, we drink one beer a fortnight and, as you'd expect, tell you the story behind the beer and get people chatting about it together online.

This time we are limiting it to 120 people/guinea pigs. The beers we’ve got lined up are looking pretty special and we’ve got some cool ideas for how we share them with you, so it makes sense to keep the number of people involved reasonably small.

It costs £54… or £4.50 a beer (including P&P)... contains 12 very special beers (that you'll drink over the course of 6 months)... and is a one-off payment.

This item is sold out or no longer available.

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