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California, USA

Belching Beaver

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The Story

Launched in 2012, Belching Beaver Brewery evolved from a desire to make great beer and have a ‘Dam Good Time’ doing it.

Founder Tom Vogel and Belching Beaver Brewmaster Troy Smith met more than 8 years ago playing poker and enjoying homebrews together. After trying a few of Troy’s test batches, Tom asked Troy to join the venture with winemaker partner Dave Mobley.

Originally based out of San Diego, California, Belching Beaver are one on a long list of American craft beer success stories. With hundreds of awards on the international stage, the brewery now employs 165 employees, across 11 states and counting. In recent years their beers have started to make their way across the pond with greater frequency, something we for one, couldn’t wait to take advantage of.

Rsz Bechingbeaver

For tonight’s BeerBods Plus we have Belching Beaver’s most successful beer, boasting a whopping 13 international medals at beer events around the world. Known as America’s favourite Peanut Butter Milk Stout: this silky-smooth beer put Belching Beaver on the map. Don’t let the dark colour fool you, this beer is delightfully easy to drink with cascading aromas of roasted peanuts, dark chocolate and coffee. 


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