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Rome, Italy

Birra Del Borgo

Now one of the biggest and most highly regarded craft breweries in Italy, Birra Del Borgo has become a stalwart of the Italian brewing scene over the last 15 years with their unique takes on European beer styles. 

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The Story

In 2005, Birra del Borgo opened their first brewery in Borgorose, a small village located in the Valle del Salto, in the province of Rieti, on the border between Lazio and Abruzzo.

The brewery was founded by Leonardo Di Vicenzo, who began homebrewing as a hobby whilst studying. Leonardo soon abandoned his career in academic research and began travelling around Europe to rediscover ancient beer styles. 

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“Sampling all styles of beers and meeting the old German brewers and whimsical Belgians provided an invaluable foundation. But of all the countries I visited, it was England where I tasted the most interesting beers, the ones that represented to me a completely different brewing culture. Their “Real Ale” is not very carbonated but has a strong body and fruity notes. These discoveries inspired me and is how the adventure of Birra del Borgo began.”

They made a name for themselves with their unique takes on all manner of European beer styles, always brewed in what the team at the brewery refer to as “The Italian Way” 

“For us, an Italian way of brewing is about using extraordinary ingredients and masterful techniques to make elegant, balanced beers, meant for the dinner table. We began to experiment with ingredients and fermentation methods taken from the world of wine.” 

By 2009, Birra del Borgo was established as one of the top craft brewers in Italy; the same year they opened the doors of their international headquarters, a state of the art brewing facility armed with research and quality control laboratories. The new capabilities allowed Birra Del Borgo to take their experimentation to the next level.

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“We began fermenting and ageing our beers in unconventional vessels, including barrels and terracotta Amphora pots, traditionally used in wine fermentation. The latter have become icons of Birra del Borgo.”

This pioneering approach to brewing has helped Birra Del Borgo build a fanbase across the globe and most certainly put Italy firmly on the craft beer map.

Tonight you’ll have one of three beers from Birra Del Borgo in your case.

Maldetta is a beer that mixes British and Belgian brewing cultures. It is amber in colour with intense citrus and floral notes. A distinct Belgian aftertaste brings a little spicy funk and solid bitter finish. 

ReAle was the first beer brewed in Borgorose and is inspired by traditional English IPAs. Amber in colour with a medium body and aromas of citrus fruits. Reduced carbonation gives a fuller mouthfeel and a distinctly English feel. 

ReAle Extra is a nod to IPAs across the pond, based on a traditional American Pale Ale. Amber in colour with the addition of American hops for hits of citrus and a big bitter finish. 

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