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TWB Baybrooke Keller

Keller Lager by Braybrooke Beer Co

Franconian Kellerbier, 4.8%

Braybrooke's take on a traditional Kellerbier. Bottom-fermented, cold-stored and then matured over a number of weeks before release. Full-flavoured, thanks to Franconian malt and hops, this is lager as it’s meant to be.

The live tasting of this beer was on 11th June 2020 #BeerBods

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The Story

Founded in 2017 near Market Harborough in Leicestershire, Braybrooke Beer Co set out with one simple aim; "to make really good lager".

It’s rare to come across a brewery these days that dedicate themselves so wholeheartedly to one style of beer, but in the three and bit years they’ve been going, Braybrooke Beer Co have taken the UK beer industry by storm, developing a sparkling reputation for producing some of the best lagers these shores have to offer. 

Founders Luke Wilson, Nick Trower and Cameron Emirali had all worked in the hospitality industry for years before clubbing together to start Braybrooke back in 2017. Luke and Cameron own and run a successful restaurant in Soho while Nick runs a beer wholesaler called Biercraft. The trio are old friends and all had a passion for beer, but it wasn’t until a trip to Germany that the idea for Braybrooke Beer Co was born. 

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“Our love of proper lager came from our travels in Germany where we met Stephan Michel, owner of Mahrs Brau in Bamberg. A brewery founded in 1670 and one of the highest-rated lager breweries in the world. We were hooked.”

After deciding to take the plunge, the team were quick to bring Stephan on board to help set up the brewery, utilising his knowledge and experience to help them bring their idea of a Lager only brewery to life.  After the initial set up was done, Stephan handed over the reins to Braybrooke’s current Head Brewer, Mario Canestrelli, who adds a decade of experience and a strong passion for Bavaria and its beers.

When it comes to the beers, Braybrooke don’t mess around, staying true to the beers that first inspired them.

“Making the best lagers we can take a lot of work, and it all starts with the best ingredients. To source these we have looked to one of the best lager-brewing countries in the World; Germany.

We only use malt from Franconia that we mill on-site, we import our classic German hop varieties directly from a renowned hop farm in Tettnang and our house lager yeast is grown for us in Bavaria and shipped overnight for maximum quality.” 

After combining their ingredients with local Midlands water, all of Braybrooke’s beers are laid down to mature in a process called Lagering.  The beer is stored in horizontal tanks for a minimum of 30 days and is one of the most important steps in the whole process. The live yeast keeps working, naturally carbonating the beer and making the end product smoother and brighter. 

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Tonight’s beer, Keller Lager, is the first beer Braybrooke released. Luke introduces it for us. 

“Our kellerbier, meaning cellar beer, is a style that we discovered and fell in love with on our travels to Bamberg. To make the best version of this lager we have taken every possible step: Franconian malt gives it its rich colour and aroma, high-quality German hops, and a softening of the brewing water gives the distinctive smooth mouthfeel.  We use traditional, time-consuming techniques to get the best flavour: a decoction mash, low and slow fermentation, and 30 days of lagering in tank for the cleanest flavour and perfect natural carbonation.  The end result is a proper lager, full-bodied, complex and refined. It’s delicious and refreshing on its own and also a great accompaniment to food.”

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