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Viking DNA by Brew York

Smoked Porter, 5.1%

A smooth, well balanced porter with subtly smokey undertones formed through a rich blend of 6 different malts.

The live tasting of this beer was on 28th February 2019 #BeerBods

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The Story

Wayne Smith and Lee Grabham were home brew beer buddies. Having met at a mutual friend’s stag do they quickly bonded over a mutual love of beer. Their ‘brew dates’ would inevitably lead to having a beer or two for research or quality assurances purposes and the inevitable question; “What if we were to build our own brewery here in York?”

We suspect that the Norse gods, who reputably like a drink, must have been listening because in 2015 they both got separate offers to take voluntary redundancy and a year later Brew York was up and running from the original site of the Jorvik Viking Centre.


Their first beer? Viking DNA of course. We asked Ant Piercey (Assistant Brewer & Social Media Manager) what makes this beer so important to them.

“The building we are in at the moment was once the York Archaeological Trusts offices and also the Jorvik Viking Centre was housed here too and in the spirit of both them and the history of York Viking DNA was born. The first beer showing its roots in the great city and indeed the very buildings that it was born in.”

For anyone who didn’t go on a school trip to Jorvik, it was renowned for accurately portraying Viking life. Who are we kidding, it was renowned for smelling. Of lots of things and not all of them pleasant. Thankfully Viking DNA has chosen a subtle, smokey sensation when they tapped into this olfactory experience. The result is a creamy, drinkable porter. The sort that should be drunk close to an open fire.


Brew York is just one of two breweries that are based within the city walls where it would have been easy to be quite traditional and, dare we say it, boring. But not Brew York, they’ve been pretty quick to establish themselves as contemporary brewers. From their beer range to can art and collaborations there is something for any type of beer drinker. Their take on a pale bitter? Yup. Barrel aged bourbon Tonkoko Imperial Stout? That too.

The taproom is proving popular too. Back to Ant.

With our birthday coming up in April (5-6th) we've picked some of our favourite breweries to come and have a beer festival with us along with some great street food people and musical acts. But to be honest... we have good beer! So what other reason do you need to come visit?”



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