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TWB La Trappe Quadrupel BeerBods Plus Beer

La Trappe Quadrupel by Brouwerij de Koningshoeven

Quadrupel, 10%

La Trappe’s heaviest ale with a stunning amber colour. Its warm and intense flavour is rich and finely balanced. Malty sweet, slightly burnt, and pleasantly bitter with a sweet aftertaste.

The live tasting of this beer was on 17th September 2020 #BeerBods

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The Story

The Trappists are a branch of the Catholic church with communities of both monks and nuns residing (not together, we hasten to add) around the world, all following the Rule of Saint Benedict. They are named after La Trappe Abbey in Normandy, the monastery from which the movement and religious order began. 

Saint Benedict, as it happens, had a lot of rules. One of the core trappist principles is that monasteries should earn their own keep. They do this by producing and flogging all kinds of things including cheese, bread, clothes, and of course, beer.

At the end of 19th Century, a small group of Trappist monks fled from France to Berkel-Enschot in the heart of the Brabant region of the Netherlands, setting up a monastery of their own. In order to pay for the construction of an abbey, the monks began building a new brewery. It’s from here that Brouwerij de Koningshoeven have been brewing some of the Netherlands best-loved beer for over 130 years.

Rsz Koningshoeven

For tonight’s BeerBods Plus you’re in for a treat! La Trappe Quadrupel is a 10% Belgian Style Quadrupel. Pouring Amber with a red tinge, the aroma is predominantly banana with a little pear drop and almond. For a beer of its strength, it remains very smooth with a beautifully rounded body. Flavours of caramel, banana and a little vanilla on the end. The sweet elements are balanced out by an underlying bitterness that lingers on the palate. This is what BeerBods Plus is all about. 


Keep up to date with Brouwerij de Koningshoeven on their Website. The monks don’t use social media. 

Live Tasting

We'll be tasting this beer, live at 9PM tonight.

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