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C84 Product

Monkman's Slaughter by C'84 Brew Co

Bitter, 6%

A modern look at an old classic! A full-bodied powerful brew, dark brown with a very distinct malty flavour.

The live tasting of this beer was on 28th October 2021 #BeerBods

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The Story

C84 Brew Co began life in late 2020, however, the team behind the project have been brewing from their Cropton site on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors for over 30 years.

The story began In 1984 when Cropton Brewery was established in the cellars of the New Inn, bringing the ancient tradition of brewing back to the village for the first time in decades.
The brewery supplied the pub as well as a few local bars and quickly started to make a name for itself. By 1994, a standalone brewery had been built at ‘Woolcroft’, the farmland behind the New Inn and within a year production had doubled.

Fast Forward to 2010 Cropton brewery rebranded as the award-winning Great Yorkshire Brewery. The change brought about beers with a more modern edge and a true Lager from Yorkshire, yet maintaining the core principles that Cropton Brewery was founded on. During this time the team began to experiment around the edges of the traditional beers they had become known for. The ideas for C84 Brew Co were beginning to take shape.

C84 Lifestyle2

In 2020 the Great Yorkshire Brewery team relaunched as C84 Brew Co, with a more pronounced emphasis on modern craft styles and their first foray into can. Just over a year on and the changes they’ve made seem to be paying off. They still brew a range of more traditional beers known as their Heritage series but have paired this with some distinctly original takes on what we’d now consider modern craft styles and have established a new base of customers in the process.

For tonight’s beer, we have Monkman’s Slaughter, one of the only beers that has stood the test of time and stuck with the brewery through their many re-incarnations. C84’s take on the recipe is a stronger, more heavily hopped version of your classic ESB. A full-bodied, powerful brew with a very distinct malty flavour balanced against a lingering bitterness.

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Live Tasting

We'll be tasting this beer, live at 9PM tonight.

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