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Brockwell IPA by Canopy Beer Co


Hoppy, heady, easy drinking pale ale.  Inspired by the great craft beers of the US using Cascade and Citra hops and British Maris Otter malts.

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The Story

Nestled under a tiny railway arch in Herne Hill, South East London, Canopy Beer Co have been quietly going about their business with little fanfare since 2014. They quite like it that way too.

Husband and wife team, Estelle and Matthew Theobalds had toyed with the idea of opening a brewery for a couple of years. The catalyst for them finally taking the plunge? The birth of their first child. The new arrival, combined with the anti-social working hours of their previous jobs, made the decision to open a brewery and go it alone much more appealing. Matthew had been brewing at home since his school days and the duo were confident that with the support of the local community they could make the brewery work.

Estelle expands, “There is a lot of community support for hyper-local products in Herne Hill where we’re based, and that boosted our confidence. There’s an old saying that beer is best drunk in the shadow of the brewery, and with (at that time) a lack of micro-breweries in the area we felt confident that we would have a strong local customer base”.

Canopy Brewing Taproom.jpg

That confidence was well placed. The brewery has slowly but surely grown over the last 5 years, opening their taproom as well as upgrading their brew kit and installing their own canning line. Make no mistake though. Canopy has no plans to go global anytime soon, and many people outside the Big Smoke won't have tried their beers yet.

“We’ve always been small and I think we always will be. We like it that way. We’re just quietly ticking along, making some great beers. We’ve got the confidence to know that we’re happy with what we’re doing – we don’t need to shout about it. We do it because it’s hard, not because it’s easy. We’re a really compact team, just four of us full-time with a can-do attitude, coffee in our cups and always raring to go!”  Estelle tells us.


With a focus firmly on quality over quantity, It’s easy to see why Canopy’s beers carry with them such a sparkling reputation. This week’s beer, Brockwell IPA epitomises their approach. Estelle introduces it for us...

“Ah, Brockwell IPA, our first and flagship beer. My favourite; like an old friend who you just have an easy chat with. A beer for the end of a long day, it’s all about the balance of malt and hops. It’s smooth, juicy and with a hint of bubblegum – totally crushable.”

We also asked Estelle about the wonderful patchwork of art on the Canopy label. “We set off down this path without knowing where it would lead or what lay around the next corner. We tinkered, we fettled, we bolted things together, and before we knew it we had built something out of nothing. That’s why we asked some of our favourite artists to play consequences on our cans: the fun is in the journey and sometimes happy accidents are the best.” 

You can even create your own monster with some of the creatures on the label. It's a lot of fun. Almost as much fun as drinking the Canopy beers.

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