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TWB CREW Republic In Your Face

In Your Face by Crew Republic

West Coast IPA, 6.8%

Crew's take on a traditional West Coast IPA. Packed with American hops, the beer pours a deep amber with a tight white head. Aromas of stonefruit and pine pair with a lasting bitter finish. 

The live tasting of this beer was on 3rd December 2020 #BeerBods

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The Story

Crew Republic isn’t your archetypal German Brewery.

Based out of Munich, the brewery was formed to revolutionize the German beer world, moving away from the traditional brews of Bavaria in an attempt to showcase the best ingredients from around the world.

The brewery started life in 2011, in the back garden of a shared apartment in the centre of Munich. It was founded by old muckers Mario Hanel and Timm Schnigula. Both were keen homebrewers, with a particular interest in the hop-forward beer styles that had seemingly taken the rest of the world by storm. After months of fine-tuning and numerous tastings, Crew had their first beer, a German pale ale paying tribute to the beers of North America and using a boatload of American hops.

Crew Lifestyle2

The beer was a hit, and as Crew Republic grew, so did the notoriety attached to their beers. Traditionalists were quick to question the pair’s methods, referencing German Purity laws and their use (or lack of) local ingredients. But as more beers were added to the range, the fan base grew and by the summer of 2012 Crew had conquered the hearts of many a Munich beer drinker.

In the years that followed the team continued to experiment adding an IPA, Double IPA and an Imperial stout to the line-up. By the summer of 2015, demand was significantly outstripping supply and Crew had to expand. They set up shop in a shiny new brewery north of Munich, growing the team to four people before opening a taproom and beer garden at the same site. In 2019, a dream eight years in the making was realised as their flagship IPA, Drunken Sailor, took home the award for worlds best IPA at the world beer awards. A feat that catapulted Crew into the Craft Beer spotlight.

Crew Lifestyle

For tonight’s beer, we have In Your Face. A west coast IPA not too dissimilar to that of Crew’s very first brew and a beer that epitomizes what they’re all about. Pouring a deep amber and brewed using a boatload of American hops, aromas of stonefruit, resin and pine fall back on a lasting bitter finish.


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