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Futurism by Edinburgh Beer Factory

Modern Brown Ale, 6%

A very modern take on a good old-fashioned British beer style, US hops give a zesty kick to this malty-rich, hoppy brown ale.

The live tasting of this beer was on 2nd May 2019 #BeerBods

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The Story

Founded in 2015 by Lynne and John Dunsmore, along with John's daughter Kirsty, Edinburgh Beer Factory is inspired by the creativity and rich brewing heritage of Scotland’s capital. Conor Benie, who looks after business development and marketing at the brewery, explains;

“Apart from being our home town, we chose to set up shop here as we feel it captures the essence of the Scotland we want to depict to the world. Although a city steeped in heritage, Edinburgh has also been a centre for progressive thinking, innovation and culture and this is what inspires us at Edinburgh Beer Factory. Our main muse, founder of Pop Art Eduardo Paolozzi and the name sake of our flagship beer, Paolozzi Helles Lager, was born down the road in Leith and proves that Edinburgh and Scotland can be a breeding ground for alternative and progressive ideas that challenge the way we think.”


John Dunsmore has an extensive background in the brewing industry, previously working as the chief executive for the Scottish & Newcastle brewing company and later the C&C Group. He was after a new, and completely different challenge to embark on, in the form of an independent family-run craft brewery that focuses on style and substance.

“After running for three years we've managed to establish somewhat of a stronghold in Scotland, and particularly Edinburgh, though there's still work to be done! Our focus will now move to taking the brand down south and expanding our presence in London and export markets” Conor tells us.


In 2018, the team won more gongs than any other British brewery in the World Beer Awards. Moonstrips Smoky Wheat was voted ‘World’s Best Smoke Flavour Beer whilst Paolozzi Lager was voted ‘UK’s Best Helles/Münchner Style Lager’ for the third year running. This week’s beer, Futurism Modern Brown, picked up ‘World’s Best American Brown Ale' for the second time. Conor talks us through it;

“Our modern brown ale is a cosmopolitan mash-up of traditional UK and contemporary US influences, finished with a historic Edinburgh ale yeast. People will notice roasted coffee and chocolate flavours balanced by a citrus kick. There is a velvety texture and a lingering sweetness. It pairs perfectly with a Terry's Chocolate Orange, try it, our Brewers swear by it! The packaging takes an excerpt from Eduardo Paolozzi’s ‘Futurism at Lenabo’, inspired by philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. Paolozzi identified with Wittgenstein as a “foreigner in England”.

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