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Full Circle Repeater TWB

Repeater by Full Circle Brewing Co

Pale Ale, 4.2%

A tropical, soft and juicy session pale ale from one of Newcastle's most exciting new breweries. 

The live tasting of this beer was on 28th May 2020 #BeerBods

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The Story

Just under 6 months old, Full Circle Brew Co are already making serious waves in the UK craft beer industry. ​​They are one of the youngest and most exciting new breweries we've ever featured in our beer club.​

Based just outside of Newcastle, Full Circle was founded by Ben Cleary in early 2020. Ben’s parents run a successful wine business but beer had always been Ben’s passion and adding a brewery to the family’s wine portfolio seemed a natural progression. 

“We began the search around 2 years ago with an idea to create a brewery in Newcastle. What took the time, was finding the venue. We eventually found the ideal site just outside the city centre in the popular Ouseburn valley. We have created a venue that allows customers to see the entire brewing process with a glass-fronted taproom and events space.”

During that time Ben and his team set to work developing their range. They started out on a 1BBL brew kit in an old shed outside the family's head office. They began testing their creations by selling them at the  ‘Pip Stop’, a wine, spirit and beer shop the family had set up a few years prior.

FC 1
“We have been selling these beers through our growler station in the Pip Stop to get true customer feedback. By the time we got to version 6 of all our beers we had a very strong range of cores that everybody loved, just ready to upscale.”

Full Circle moved into their state of the art brewery at the turn of the year and have had craft beer lovers tongues wagging ever since. Their modern, hop-forward IPAs and Pale are already being compared to some of the UK’s craft brewing elite, and we can certainly see why. 

It’s not just about making great beer for Full Circle though. There’s a big emphasis on sustainability at the brewery too and they have grand ambitions for the years to come.

“Our parent business is the most energy-efficient and sustainable wine business in the UK. Investing in wind turbines, solar panels, electric cars and underground sourced heat pumps they are pushing to be the most carbon-neutral wine business in the world. Within 5 years it is our goal/promise to join them on their journey and do everything we can to follow the same sustainability ethos as a brewery.” 

FC 4

With plans for more seasonal specials and a barrel age series towards the end of the year, Full Circle are definitely ones to watch.

Tonight’s beer, Repeater, is Full Circle’s take on a modern session IPA. Packed to the rafters with new world hops, creating aromas of stonefruit and citrus. True to the east coast IPA’s across the pond, Repeater is thick and full-bodied with a low bitterness for a soft, smooth finish. 

Keep up to date with Full Circle Brew Co on their Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Live Tasting

We'll be tasting this beer, live at 9PM tonight.

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