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Good Things Brew Co X Beerbods Seasons Dictate

Seasons Dictate by Good Things Brewing

American Brown Ale, 6.5%

Brewed exclusively for BeerBods, this American brown ale is packed full of new world hops, bringing a tropical edge to this classic American style.

The live tasting of this beer was on 13th February 2020 #BeerBods

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The Story

Some breweries are more ambitious than others. Some want to brew the best beer in the land. Some want worldwide domination. Good Things Brewing is after something different. “Our goal is to run the world's most sustainable brewery. And that means completely energy-efficient, off-grid with everything recycled and reused from water to grain.”

Those are the words of Chris Drummond, who founded the brewery with his old mucker, Sam Robinson back in 2017. Chris has 15 years experience in the renewable energy industry and it’s being put to good use. Chris explains why;

“The way beer is brewed is really inefficient. The UK beer industry produces 2.16 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. That's like driving a double-decker bus around the world 108,121 times. 1.85 hectolitres of water is used to make beer in the UK every year - the equivalent of 60,000 Olympic-size swimming pools. The UK beer industry produces 900 million kilograms of waste grain every year. That's the equivalent weight of 2,699 Boeing 747s. It takes 94 trees a day to absorb the carbon footprint of just one pint, Our planet simply can’t sustain it”
Goodthings 06

All of the breweries water is bored from natural sources beneath the brewery, steam from the brewing process is extracted and recycled back into the system and the brew kit runs solely off renewable technology, including photovoltaic panels, battery storage and a wind turbine. Even the spent grain is dried and milled so that it can be reused to make flour.

Goodthings 02

That’s not all Good Things Brewing Co are known for though, the beers are pretty damn good too. And back in October, our Tom was lucky enough to head down to Good Things to join the team for a day and brew a beer exclusively for BeerBods.

That’s right, as BeerBods subscribers, you'll be the first people on the planet to try this beer. Pretty cool huh!?

Goodthings 01

The beer itself is one of our favourite beer styles (obviously, we picked it!) an American Brown Ale but it’s not like any American Brown Ale you’ll have had before. This modern interpretation builds on a classic roasted malt base with a big old dollop of Mosaic and Simcoe hops. The result is a deceptive and delicious beer, looking like a traditional malty ale but tasting like a juicy IPA straight out of New England.

To say we love it is an understatement!

Goodthings 03

We owe a huge THANK YOU to the Good Things Brewing Team for allowing us to get involved and brew a truly special beer. We can’t wait for the next one.

Good Things Brewing Co are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Live Tasting

We'll be tasting this beer, live at 9PM tonight.

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