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Brighton, UK

Lost Pier Brewing

Brighton-based Lost Pier Brewing are 100% independent craft brewers, cuckoo brewing at Missing Link Brewery in Sussex.

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The Story

Brighton-based Lost Pier Brewing was founded by friends and business partners Dan, Ronnie and Toby in 2017.  All three had spent a lot of their working lives in the wine industry but that all changed when the trio decided to swap grapes for grain and set up a brewery of their own. Dan explains how it all began.

“It all started to develop when I was working part-time at a fine wine shop in Brighton, a job I took whilst I was studying winemaking and grape growing (aka Oenology and Viticulture at Uni). I homebrewed a lot during Uni and won a couple of local competitions. My bosses at the time suggested we could start a brewing project and 'see how it went', serving the beer to customers of the shop.”

Needless to say, “it went rather well", and in early 2017 Dan, Ronnie and Toby decided to go it alone. Lost Pier Brewing was born. 

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“We are 100% independent craft brewers from Brighton, cuckoo brewing at Missing Link Brewery in Sussex. Our craft beer is unpasteurized, unfiltered, and vegan. At Lost Pier Brewing, we want to make the best beer we possibly can, for people who enjoy good times, appreciate creativity, and who love to experience new and exciting flavours.”

The actual brewing side of things is a one-man-band. Business partner Ronnie helps with the accountancy and finance side of things but the bulk of brewing, delivering and sales are all done by Dan. 

Dan talks us through what they’ve been up to over the last three years

”We are brewing at Missing Link Brewery in Sussex which is a great facility with top of the range kit, canning line, centrifuge and hop rocket. We are still gipsy brewers and intend to stay this way for the time being. Over the last 2 years, we have decreased the core range and introduced specials and seasonal beers, including our Assemblage range, which links beer and Wine together.” 

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Tonight you’ll have one of two beers in your case. Dan introduces them for us; 

“Paddleboarder Pale was made in honour of the Mosaic hop. It's 100% Mosaic and is super sessionable. It's clean and light with a punchy aroma. It's a great weeknight beer or for day drinking in the sun.

APA Actually was born out of my obsession with a couple of local APA's including Darkstar and Longman APA's. They are slightly on the traditional side with that bittersweet thing totally done to perfection. We decided to bring it a bit more modern with a stronger ABV and plenty of US hops. We have added rye malt for another layer of aroma and a little spice.”

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Live Tasting

We'll be tasting this beer, live at 9PM tonight.

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