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2020 Feb 27 Subscription Moor Old Freddie Walker

Old Freddy Walker by Moor Beer

Old Ale, 7.4%

This cult ale is one for the connoisseur! A rich, dark, full-bodied old ale that really has to be tasted to be appreciated. 

The live tasting of this beer was on 27th February 2020 #BeerBods

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The Story

The Moor Beer Company began life in 1996 on an old dairy farm in the Somerset Moors. For a little over a decade they turned out some great quality beers, this was back when craft beer was but a glint in BrewDog’s eye.

But by 2007 the brewery could no longer keep up with demand and times were changing. Enter Justin and Maryann Hawke, two ex-US Army officers and former San Franciscans who had been party to the craft beer revolution in the States.

Moor 3

Not long after graduating from West Point Military College Justin was stationed in Frankfurt where he grew rather fond of some of the cloudy German beers he was drinking. Once in charge of Moor he quickly decided that they weren’t going to hide behind filtering and finings to make their beers taste or look good.

With Justin and Maryann at the helm, the newly acquired Moor Beer Company relaunched in mid-2007. The subsequent expansion saw increases in both brewing capacity and quality.

Moor 4

Whilst a couple of the original beers survived the transition, such as tonight’s beer, Old Freddy Walker, even these had something of a facelift. As did the brewery with new premises and a move to Bristol, just a hop skip and jump from Temple Meads Station. There’s a taproom too. Worth knowing, you know, in case you miss your train.

The success Moor have experienced over the past 12 years is testament to the consistent quality of their beers and identity the Moor Beer brand has developed. In 2018 Moor opened their Vaults and tap on London’s infamous Bermondsey Beer Mile, cementing themselves quite literally amongst craft brewings elite.

Moor 7

This week’s beer Old Freddy Walker is one of Moor’s most famous and well-loved beers. A rich, dark, full-bodied old ale that really has to be tasted to be appreciated. It carries a rating of 94 out of 100 on and won champion winter beer of Britain in 2004 and 2017. Think Christmas pudding in a can with the addition of Bramling Cross hops providing a hint of orange and a balancing dose of bitterness.

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