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2020 Jan 16 Subscription Orbit Beers Dead Wax

Deadwax by Orbit Beers

London Porter, 5.5%

Based on the late nineteenth-century interpretation of the style, Deadwax is complex and rich London Porter with aromas of burnt sugar, coffee and chocolate. A distinctively dry and drinkable dark beer.

The live tasting of this beer was on 16th January 2020 #BeerBods

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The Story

Born off the back of the adventure of a lifetime, Orbit Beers have been creating unique takes on European beer styles since 2014. 

The story began when Orbit’s founder, Robert Middleton, hatched a plan to discover beer in the land of whisky. The mission; to visit every brewery in his native Scotland. 

Travelling alone in his trusty VW campervan, affectionately named Brian, Robert travelled from the northernmost island in Shetland to the Outer Hebrides documenting his journey along the way. The result was a book called The Tea Leaf Paradox; a collection of memoirs from the trip… along with a burning desire to start a brewery of his own.

orbit beers brian.jpg
Brian the Campervan

Robbie Sykes, commercial manager at Orbit explains how the idea for Orbit came about.

“Robert’s earliest memory is his fascination with vinyl records and in particular the distinctive, varying designs of the spindle adaptors that lived in the centre of his sisters’ 7″ singles, stacked above the turntable. Around this time his friends knew him as ‘Orbit’, a result of childhood difficulties pronouncing ‘Robert’. At the inception of the brewery, it seemed fitting to bring to life that early nickname and his first iconic image to form our logo and our name, Orbit Beers.”

The team moved into their double railway arch in Walworth, South London in early 2014, brewing their first batch on July 1st of the same year. Since then all subsequent beers have been brewed and packaged on-site which has now expanded to include the arch next door.

Orbit's Tap Room

Tonight’s beer, Dead Wax, is the newest addition to the team’s core range.  It’s named after the runoff area at the centre of vinyl records, a reliable safe space of ‘dead wax’ which keeps you from damaging your precious needle. 

The beer is Orbit’s take on a traditional London porter, complex rich malt, with aromas of burnt sugar, coffee and chocolate, assertive bitterness and a subtle earthy, lemony hop character combine to create a distinctively dry and drinkable dark beer.

You can find out more about Orbit Beers on their website, and follow them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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