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Lemon and Thyme Saison by Partizan Brewing

Lemon and Thyme Saison, 3.8%

A fruity and spicy brew, made with lemon, thyme and love. Beautifully light and balanced, a thirst-quenching drop from the London based outfit.

The live tasting of this beer was on 29th August 2019 #BeerBods

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The Story

After a move from his hometown of Leeds to London, Partizan founder Andy Smith cut his teeth brewing at Tottenham's Redemption Brewery. Here he created modern and flavourful cask ales, plying his trade and learning from the best. During the same time, and completely by fortune, his friends at The Kernel, who are situated just a ten minute walk away in Bermondsey, were expanding. Smith became the beneficiary of their old brew kit and in early 2012 decided to go it alone.

Partizan 2
Andy Smith, Partizan Founder
"We focus first on quality and consistency but paradoxically like to keep things changing too" explains Andy. "Our labels never being the same illustrates this quite well."

The labels have always set Partizan apart from the raft of successful breweries launched in the UK around the same time. They are penned by artist and friend of the brewery, Alec Doherty.

Partizan brew a wildly diverse set of styles, covering everything from aromatic pale ales, saisons with increasingly curious botanical additions, to intensely rich stouts. They are arguably amongst the more creative and innovative breweries in the city of London, choosing the path of ever changing recipe design.

Partizan 1
Alec Doherty's label artwork at the brewery
“The thing I love most about brewing in London is the diversity. We're hugely interested in food and drink culture as a whole and we want to use ideas and techniques from everywhere, to make engaging, modern beer of the best possible quality. The name Partizan references that in some way.”

This week’s beer is a great showcase of that ethos and is a modern take on a traditional Belgian saison. All the funk you'd want and expect from a classic saison, married with zingy lemon and the dry herbal fragrance of thyme to create a truly unique take on the style.

Smith has been gradually building Partizan in a quiet corner of South London and now they’re entering another cycle of expansion that is so familiar amongst their neighbours on the Bermondsey Beer Mile. The mission, however, will be to continue staying true to that which has served them so well until this point.

"Our association with other unique and spirited producers, artists and collaborators of all kinds has always been fruitful and we hope to continue to grow and develop relationships within the industry and beyond, refining our process whilst continuing to brew and share beer we love."

You can find Partizan on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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