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Objects in Space by Ridgeside Brewing Co

DDH Pale Ale, 4.8%

Hazy, soft and saturated using a high dose of oats and wheat. Mosaic, Chinook, Ekuanot and Mandarina Bavaria hops produce heady, stone fruit and berry aromas alongside tropical fruit pulp flavours all finished with a restrained bitterness that leaves you reaching for another sip.

The live tasting of this beer was on 26th November 2020 #BeerBods

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The Story

The story of Ridgeside Brewery comes in two parts.

Founded in January 2010 by Simon Bolderson, Ridgeside built a sterling reputation for producing excellent cask ales, with a particular focus on hop-forward pales. If you live in Yorkshire and love real ale (most people in Yorkshire do), chances are you’ve had the pleasure of many Ridgeside beers. But tragically, in May 2014, as the brewery was gaining momentum, Simon passed away after an 18-month battle with cancer, aged just 47.

Thankfully his legacy lives on, and in July 2015, the brewery was acquired by a team of local beer lovers looking to continue the fantastic legacy of Ridgeside, whilst embracing the attitude and stylistic possibilities of the modern craft beer movement.

Ridgeside Lifestyle2

Taking its name from Meanwood Ridge, a long hill that divides two suburbs in northern Leeds, a 5-strong team that now runs and works at the brewery.

“Our philosophy is simple; brew a beer to be remembered”, explains Stephen Clements.

“Every time we make a new beer, we try and make it stand out from the crowd. We constantly look to innovate through research and development, so that we are not ‘just another brewery’. Out of respect for our history, the legacy of the original owner, and our own curiosity, we try to walk the line in terms of experimenting not just with current trends or foreign styles, but with historical English styles and ingredients too. We also remain faithful to cask beer – more than half of our beer sales are cask, even now, although we have become more vigilant in making sure that our casks are only available in bars where we feel that they are looked after properly.”

Ridgeside Lifestyle

This week’s beer, Company Bitter, is the perfect showcase for the Ridgeside teams’ talent and passion. Stephen introduces it for us;

“Company Bitter is a beer for some of the things closest to our hearts: cask, pubs and the people who drink in them. Our Yorkshire bitter is fashioned with crystal and honey malt. UK Golding and Styrian Aurora hops bring mellow fruit and spice, and a perfectly balanced bitterness that suggests another round is in order. If you can’t go to the pub, we’re gonna bring it to you!”


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