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Shetland Pony Pale by Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

Pale Ale, 2.8%

Low in ABV but packed full of flavour. Notes of citrus and tropical fruit with a full mouthfeel and mild bitterness.

The live tasting of this beer was on 6th January 2022 #BeerBods

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The Story

Founded in 2020 by Matty Dixon, Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing set out on a slightly different mission from that of your average brewery start-up. With the aim of becoming a leading brewery specialising in the production of low-alcohol and alcohol-free beers.

Matty talks through how it all began…

“SiWC, Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing, actually started out as a drunken conversation during my MBA. I built a business plan during a module and then pitched it to some angel investors. The feedback was incredibly positive and so I felt encouraged enough to take it forward.

After rejoining the real world I pitched this to a couple of folks who ended up being my original co-founders. Unfortunately, after about a year and the impacts of COVID-19 we split and went our separate ways. So I was left with a brand and no beer… arguably the wrong way round for a start-up brewery!

I pivoted pretty quickly, and this is where I managed to sell my vision onto my now co-founder John and a few mates of ours”

John is a haematology clinical research fellow, with a lifelong interest in brewing (and consuming beers). His technical knowledge in biosciences has been invaluable to SiWC in exploring and trialling over 50 different yeast strains to deliver the best Low ABV beer experience.

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The first beers made their way into punters hands in the summer of 2021 and have been receiving rave reviews ever since.

For tonight’s beer, we have Shetland Pony Pale. A 2.8% pale ale that defies its low ABV. Big notes of tropical and stonefruit up front with a soft mouthfeel and moderate bitterness. This is the ultimate session pale and the perfect way to ease us into the new year.


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Live Tasting

We'll be tasting this beer, live at 9PM tonight.

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