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TWB Siren Soundwave

Soundwave by Siren Craft Brew

IPA, 5.6%

A cracking west coast IPA. Tropical fruit up front with a piney, resinous, bitter finish. Technically perfect.

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The Story

After selling his IT business, Darron Anley headed to the 2012 Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego to gather inspiration and to start assembling a team for a very different kind of British brewery. Whilst he was in the States, Darron met the charismatic brewer, Ryan Witter-Mathew. The pair joined forces to launch Siren on an innocuous-looking industrial estate in Finchampstead (it’s near Reading) the following year. 

They launched with a core range that included Undercurrent (Oatmeal Pale), Soundwave (West Coast IPA), Liquid Mistress (Red IPA) and Broken Dream (Coffee Breakfast Stout); all beers that took the UK craft beer scene by storm. That same year they also set out their stall as barrel-ageing pioneers, dabbling with some experimental and special beers that played a large part in them being announced as England's Best New Brewery and The Second Best New Brewery in the World by just one year after launching. The year after that they somehow went one better by being named as the Best Brewery in England by the same website which uses ratings by drinkers to dish out the awards.



Witter-Merithew returned to the states in 2016 and was replaced by Siren legend Kyle Larsen formerly of Double Mountain Brewery in Oregon. After nearly 3 years at the helm and multiple awards, including Supreme Champion Beer of Britain for Broken Dream in 2018, Kyle also moved back across the pond. Head brewing duties are now in the safe hands of Sean Knight, who has taken up the mantle of making the Siren core range taste better than ever. 

Siren introduce Soundwave for us

“Welcome to tropical hop heaven. Soundwave is eminently drinkable, full of flavour and subtle with bitterness. Our most famous beer pours with an inviting haze, while big-hitting American hops deliver fruit notes in abundance and a trademark resinous finish.” 

In the seven years since their inception, Siren have cemented themselves amongst craft brewing’s elite. Initiatives such as the Rainbow project (championing international collaboration) and the Barista Project (exploring the wonderful world of coffee in beer)  have kept them at the forefront of innovation within the industry, whilst their continually evolving core range makes them accessible to the newest of craft beer drinkers. With more exciting projects lined up for 2021 and beyond, we just can’t wait to see what they do next. 


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