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TWB Small Beer Steam

Steam by Small Beer Brew Co

Rye Ale, 2.7%

A rich rye style beer, The Original Small Beer Steam is an amber bridging the gap between a lager and an ale with dried fruits, spice and a rounded hop finish.

The live tasting of this beer was on 3rd September 2020 #BeerBods

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The Story

Small Beer Brewing Co have been quietly going about their business from their South East London headquarters since 2017. Starting out with the sole focus of brewing beers low in ABV but never comprising on flavour, they’ve slowly but surely grown a loyal following in one of the most brewery-dense areas of the country. 

The brewery was founded by old pals James and Felix. James takes us through how the idea for Small Beer came to be.

“Felix and I met heading up different teams at Sipsmith Gin. It was during our time working at the distillery that we found ourselves in pubs, scanning the pump clips for a beer we could enjoy during the working week, before heading home to our young families. Time and time again, we couldn’t find a compelling option that delivered on quality and flavour but didn’t leave us suffering from those all too often 'bleary-eyed consequences' the following day. It was in this moment, of wanting to find a lower alcohol beer that was full of flavour, that the idea for Small Beer was born.”

Smallbeer Lifestyle2

The duo set to work creating a brewery specifically designed for the production of small beer (beers up to 2.8% ABV). James tells us what it’s all about. 

“We are reinvigorating a lost tradition by pioneering a new process of brewing. We have built a bespoke brewing kit dedicated to the production of lower-alcohol beer up to 2.8% ABV – the world's first dedicated small beer brewery! Our brewing kit allows us to brew our beer to strength so that we don't need to remove the alcohol in any way. Instead, we take the time and care to maximise flavour over alcohol creation.”

The resulting beers have been popular to say the least with the Small Beer following growing by the day. Now a team of 11 and counting, the brewery has tripled it’s production capacity in the last year alone, a characteristic that doesn’t look like slowing any time soon. 

Smallbeer Lifestyle

Tonight’s beer, Steam, takes inspiration from history to create something truly unique. James introduces it for us.

Steam is a fascinating fusion beer style that bridges the gap between a lager and ale. Originally emanating in 1860's Germany and revived in the States in the 1980's, now realised as a Small Beer!! The result is a rich rye style ale with dried fruit notes, spice and a refreshingly bright finish.”


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*Fun Fact:

With the natural diuretic limit sitting at around 3% ABV, anything below that is technically more hydrating than dehydrating. That's why our category of small beer, serves as the perfect answer to a balanced and flavourful pint, giving you all the occasion without worrying about the compromise!”

We’ll drink to that!! 

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