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* discount available for everything except gift subscriptions.

Beer Subscription

Love beer? Join the club.

Drink one bottle of beer every week. 

We'll tell you the story behind the beer, as you drink it.

Join the club by getting involved in our live online tastings every Thursday night at 9pm.

As a subscriber, you'll also get our quarterly magazine in each delivery and a discount on any other beer you buy from us.

All for £3 a week. That includes delivery. Bargain.

It's the best beer club in town. 


Subscribe today and your first twelve beers will be with you on Tuesday 1st May (a day or two later for non-mainland UK addresses). 

Want to buy this as a gift for someone else? That'll be a gift subscription you need.


  • £36 every 12 weeks
  • Includes P&P


What happens once I've subscribed?

We take £36 from your bank a few days before sending you 12 beers. After 12 weeks we do the same thing again. You can cancel your subscription at any time (just click unsubscribe at the bottom of the page) and we won't take the next payment. If you choose to unsubscribe and we have taken payment but not sent the beers (you have a one week window) we'll pay you back the money in full.

We email you to let you know which beer you should be drinking every Thursday afternoon and hold a live tasting online for that beer at 9pm. The email also includes a link to a page on our website telling the story behind the beer.

Your Thursdays will never be the same again.

When can I subscribe?

You can subscribe at any time. We simply send you the next 12 beers.

When will I get my beers?

Delivery usually takes 2-3 working days from first subscribing or taking your payment. You can subscribe at any time and we'll simply send you the next 12 beers.

Which courier do you use?

Parcelforce. They're the best of a bad bunch.

Do I need to be in to sign for delivery?

Ideally, yes.

But you can leave instructions to leave with a neighbour.

Many of our subscribers' get their beer delivered to work, hide them under their desk and take one beer home a week. We hear that stops any temptation to drink them all in one sitting too.

If the worst should happen and there is nobody there to sign for them, they will try again. If there is still nobody to sign for them the second time, they'll be taken to your local post office... NOT a depot on an industrial estate millions of miles away.

What happens if the beer is broken / doesn't get to me?

We'll send you some more. You won't have to pay any extra.

Do you send me one beer a week?

Not quite. You drink one beer a week (we'll tell you which one at the beginning of each week). We send you 12 beers at a time.