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The Ones to Watch Box 2018

Each year we put together a box containing 12 beers from 12 of the best new (less than a year old) breweries in the UK.

Unearthing the new kids on the block and putting their beers, hopes and dreams in front of you is about as satisfying as it gets.

There is a lot to be optimistic about in the world of craft beer right now. If the beers in this box don’t prove that, nothing will.

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What’s in the box?


Velvet Owl Brewing Co. (Gloucester)Old Sport - Orange Vermont Pale (4.5% ABV, 330ml bottle)

Burnt Mill Brewery (Suffolk)Pintle - Pale Ale (4.3% ABV, 440ml can)

71 Brewing (Dundee)Rhuby Weiss - Rhubarb Hefeweizen (5.5% ABV, 330ml bottle)

Ampersand Brew Co (Suffolk)Middle Rd - Modern Bitter (4.5% ABV, 330ml bottle)

Good Things Brewing (Brighton)Hazy Pale - Session Pale (4.5% ABV, 330ml can)

Tap Social Movement (Oxford)Grebe's Procession - Oatmeal Stout (5.5% ABV, 330ml bottle)

Lithic Brewing (Brecon)Pilsner (4.5% ABV, 330ml can)

The Kiln Brewery (Burgess Hill), Breakout - India Pale Lager (5.9% ABV, 330ml can)

Northern Whisper Brewing Co. (Lancashire)Yammerhouse - American Pale Ale (4.5% ABV, 330ml can)

Boat Lane Brewery (Evesham), Phantom Falls - Raspberry Pale Ale (5.1% ABV, 330ml bottle)

Unbarred Brewery (Hove)IPA (5.4% ABV 440ml can)

West x Three Brewing Co (Swansea)Grisette - Saison (4.1% ABV, 330ml bottle)


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