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Tangelo by Triple Point

Keller Pils, 4.8%

This cryo-hopped lager uses the addition of tangerine and pink grapefruit to create a super juicy, refreshing take on a traditional style. 

The live tasting of this beer was on 4th August 2022 #BeerBods

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The Story

Triple Point Brewing was founded in November 2018 when beer enthusiasts Mike Brook, an engineer who was taking a “gap year” and his son George, a recent graduate, bought a “re-possessed” brewing plant and recruited an experienced brewing team to help them make it a success. They set out with the aim of creating an interesting range of new and innovative Lagers and have somewhat taken the craft brewing scene by storm. 

The team take us through how the name Triple Point came about…

“It felt like the name chose us. In our early meetings, we found ourselves repeatedly saying ‘there are three things we need to…”  it became a joke and we started to see “3 points…” everywhere (look out for them!) We started with an idea for a logo which strongly featured triangles and alchemy (and the Science, Art and Magic of brewing - another 3 points). It got a bit too elaborate so we’ve stripped it back, but we wanted to convey our focus on cold beers and we were toying with names that might do this.  The triple point of water is a major scientific datum and is fixed at 0.01°C. This all seemed like fate.  The idea stuck.”

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Almost four years on, Triple Point have garnered quite the reputation, for their interesting takes on traditional European Lager styles. But why Lager I hear you ask? Triple point explain…

“Why? We love lagers. And we’re fed up with the bland fizz that the global brands push out everywhere.  There are so many great Lager styles, with so many opportunities to be creative.  What’s more, Sheffield has SUPER-SOFT WATER.  Great for brewing lager. But, this doesn’t mean we don’t like ales.  We really do.  And as we’ve got a brewery and no one stopping us, we’ll definitely be brewing a few ales alongside our lagers.”

It seems only right then that for tonight’s beer we have Triple Point’s take on a Keller Pils. However, this might not be like any Keller Pils you’ve had before. Tangelo is cryo hopped with Amarillo and Citra to give aromas and flavours you’d be more accustomed to finding in a hazy IPA. The addition of Tangerine and pink Grapefruit bring more fruit to the party as well as a layer of sweetness. Super juicy and super refreshing with a tangy bitter finish. We absolutely LOVE IT!

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