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Table Beer by Wild Card Brewery

Table Beer, 2.7%

Low on alcohol, packed full of tropical flavours. Awarded CHAMPION at SIBA SE Keg Competition 2020. Designed with mindful drinkers in mind, its low ABV doesn't mean it compromises on flavour.

The live tasting of this beer was on 29th April 2021 #BeerBods

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The Story

William Harris and Andrew Kirkby met as teenagers whilst working at Boots chemists in Nottingham. Soon after they began honing their brewing skills and friendship in their parents’ homes.

“When we were home brewing it got to the point that we were having issues with how much we were producing. We were brewing two batches of five gallons per week, and had boxes and boxes of unmarked recycled bottles, so we started labelling them with playing cards.”

After heading for the bright lights of London they graduated from homebrewing to gypsy brewing, but cash was still a big issue.

"We started the company with the funds from selling a second hand Fiat Punto and a maxed out credit card. We used that money to rent space at other people's breweries and made our first batch of beer to sell commercially. We sold out of that and just kept repeating the process.”

Jaega Wise, an old friend of William and Andrew’s from Nottingham, was convinced to quit her job as a City trader and use her Chemical Engineering degree to bring a bit of scientific rigour to the brewing process. She has since become the poster girl for female brewers, not just in London, but all over the world. In her spare time Jaega can often be found in the recording studio. Very rock ‘n roll.

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Almost 9 years on, Wild Card Brewery are now firmly on the craft beer map. A couple of taprooms and a much bigger brewery has meant you’re now far more likely to stumble across one of their brews. You may not however have come across tonight’s beer before…

Tonight we’re drinking Table beer. A heavily hopped 2.7% table beer that defies it’s low ABV. Brewed as part of Wild Card’s specials range, Table Beer is packed full of tropical fruit aromas and flavours from Enigma and Vic Secret hops and was recently awarded champion beer for 2020 at the SIBA SE keg competition. Super session-able and perfect for the warmer weather.

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Live Tasting

We'll be tasting this beer, live at 9PM tonight.

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