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In The Pines by Wiper and True

Amber Ale, 5.3%

This Amber ale pairs traditional English malts with vibrant new world hops. A light biscuit base combined with a profusion of floral and pine notes.

The live tasting of this beer was on 22nd August 2019 #BeerBods

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The Story

Founded by Michael Wiper in 2012, the brewery is supported by the oh so mysterious Mr True, who, after tasting some of Michael’s beer, decided to fund the brewery.

Starting out as Bristol’s first cuckoo brewers they hit the local craft beer scene with a number of thoughtfully diverse beers and some fab collaborations. After finding a permanent home in the colourful St Werburghs area of Bristol, the brewery has gone from strength to strength and is now regarded as a stalwart of the city’s brewing scene.

“Strange as it might seem, seeing as we’ve never sold a drop of it, Wiper and True started from cider making roots”

explains Martin Saunders, Commercial Director and self-proclaimed champion dishwasher stacker.

Wiper True 02
Micheal at the Brewery
“Michael enjoyed making cider as a hobby and planted a small cider apple orchard in 2010. The making of booze led them to start home brewing beer, something he could partake in without the constraints of the seasons”.

Whilst they’ve moved on from apples, the idea of trying to use local, seasonal ingredients and wild fermentations, as with cider making, has never left the company. Neither has a culture of continuous improvement, based on inspiration from beers around the world.

Wiper True 03
Brewery tours at Wiper and True
“As Wiper and True has grown and started exporting, the team have returned from trips with stories of how beer culture is evolving differently in various parts of the world. One thing that seems to remain constant: The prevalence of historical British beer styles and the respect that British brewing is held around the world”.

Each style of beer in the Wiper & True range is represented by a classy looking gold illustration with only the small print providing any indication of what the beer is called. A butterfly means it’s a Saison lurking inside. An elephant means that it’s a pale ale. An elephant with an umbrella is an IPA. Obviously.

In the Pines is an amber ale so it’s a hot air balloon that features on the label. It’s a beer that somehow encapsulates everything that is great about a traditional Amber Ale, but with elements that make it desirable to a modern beer audience too. It has a malt bill that consists mostly of a pale malt called Maris Otter, regarded as one of the finest brewing malts in the world, supplied by Warminster Maltings, a traditional Victorian floor malt house just down the road in Wiltshire (NB. The BeerBods team visited Warminster Maltings last year… check out the article we wrote on it here). An abundance of Simcoe, Southern Cross, Eureka, Waimea and Dr Rudi hops give it a distinctive, floral, piney hop profile.

Wiper True 01
The Taproom

Now solidly at the forefront of the Bristol beer scene, Wiper and True are determined to galvanise that status further over the coming months. German Master Brewer, Marvin Lindner has recently joined the team, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. A number of new beers are on the way too, with a barrel aged series the first to be released this coming October. We can’t wait to get our hands on them.

You can find Wiper and True on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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