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Wylde Sky Product

Saison by Wylde Sky Brewing

Saison, 4.8%

Refreshing, slightly tart and delicately spicy Farmhouse ale. A Franco-Belgian staple.

The live tasting of this beer was on 29th July 2021 #BeerBods

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The Story

Based in Linton, a small village just outside of Cambridge, Wylde Sky opened their doors in September of 2018. Founded by old friends Paul and Chris and born out of a passion for beer and homebrewing, Wylde Sky have been slowly but surely making a name for themselves brewing some of Europe’s most loved beer styles.

Chris talks us through Wylde Sky’s approach…

“When it comes to brewing we are pretty damn zealous. Quality ingredients. Respecting our craft. No shortcuts. We love styles from all corners of the world and exploring different hop varieties, malt mixes, water profiles and techniques. We also know that a lot of people like us also want to drink something that’s delicious, balanced and a little more “every-day drinkable”. You know - the kind of beer that you’ll stock the fridge with. Whether easy drinking or more complex, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy discovering our range. “

Since launch, Wylde Sky have managed to garner quite the local following. Their interesting approach to brewing through the continuous evolution and refinement of their range has seen punters coming back time and time again.

“Our focus is on brewing true classics and uniquely crafted beers. Brewed and numbered in small batches. We invite you to join the journey of our beers through different numbered versions of the styles we’re brewing. Our beers evoke the freedom and excitement that comes from embracing the journey and not being constrained by the same old.”

Wyldesky Lifestyle2

Brewing versions of the same beer is not new to the craft brewing community, but for Wylde Sky it has allowed them to engage with their community of drinkers on a much deeper level. Learning first hand what’s worked and giving them more confidence in the range of beers they’re producing. Particularly important as the brewery expands its production capacity over the coming months.

For tonight’s beer we have Saison (V.3). This refreshing and delicately spicy Farmhouse ale is everything you’d expect from a good Saison. Hints of sourness up front keep the beer fresh and incredibly drinkable. The addition of Rye kicks up the spice factor ever so slightly whilst adding a lovely lasting bitterness. Fruity, dry and super moreish, we can’t wait to try version four!

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Live Tasting

We'll be tasting this beer, live at 9PM tonight.

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