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TWB Yonder Rosehip Saison

Roseship Saison by Yonder Brewing and Blending

Saison, 5.2%

Warm brewed with British hops, British malt and continental yeasts. The hand-picked rosehip brings a lively acidity to the brew resulting in a mellow, slightly bitter-hop driven beer with a rosehip finish.

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The live tasting of this beer was on 27th August 2020 #BeerBods

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The Story

Jasper Tupman and Stuart Winstone became friends whilst working at Wild Beer Co in Somerset. They had both been there since the start and seen it grow from a small farmhouse brewery to the internationally successful brewery it is today. 

It was also at Wild Beer that they both began to discover a love for foraged ingredients, mixed culture yeasts, and hands-on brewing, so much so that in 2018 the pair decided to go it alone, focussing solely on crafting beers with wild ingredients which are inspired by the area surrounding the brewery.

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Foraging is a real passion of Stuart’s and that’s the inspiration for many of Yonder’s beers, as Jasper explains;

“The brewery is situated in the Mendip Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty about 45 minutes drive from Bristol. This location in Somerset means that we’re only ever 40 minutes away from the coast, marshland or woodland where the forage changes dramatically in each area and there is a rich farming industry all around with fruit growers, arable and dairy farming”.

If you wander into their small farmhouse brewery you’ll be greeted by Taco the terrier and a bunch of brewing equipment assembled and plumbed in by Jasper and Stu’s fair hands. With no outside investment to help, it has been put together on a shoestring, with even the labels being designed by Stu. The beers and the branding seem to benefit from no outside interference.

Yonder Lifestyle2

As well as using interesting foraged ingredients, Yonder specialises in fermentation. Many of their beers use mixed cultures of yeast and bacteria creating some of the most interesting and complex beers you’re likely to try. 

Tonight’s beer is no different, Yonder introduce Rosehip Saison for us. 

“Compared to our mixed culture offerings this beer has a clean and spritz finish, but still has traces of the funk by which you know us well. The combination of British hops, foraged rosehips and a unique, fruity strain of yeast make this super drinkable, with all the hints you’d expect from a Saison; a slight spiciness and almost bread-like flavours from fermentation, plus a super-dry finish.”

After celebrating their second birthday a little over a month ago, Yonder are only just getting started. Local boys using wild local ingredients to create beers on a small scale for their local community. We’ve got a feeling there will be a lot more to celebrate in the years to come. 


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